January 16, 2013

The Board of Directors would like to thank the following for their generous efforts to make this event a success:

Our presenting sponsor, Macy’s. We could not be more grateful for your support of this event. Thank you for “believing” in Christine’s Christmas.

Our sponsors and volunteers, without whom Christine’s Christmas would not be possible.  The hard work and talents of the musicians who commit to this event every year.

Jim Rieser for the leadership that he has given to our corporate involvement.
The superior work of the team at the Nationwide Children’s Hospital, especially Courtney Cahill.

Thank you Mike Held and the generous team at Old Trail Printing.

Brian Butler and Dublin Cleaners for their support and promotion of Christine’s Christmas each year.

The many individuals and companies that have sponsored Christine’s Christmas, many since the first year of the event.

Christine Wilson, whose inspiration lives through the lives of her parents, Tim and Pam, her sister Elizabeth, and her brother Patrick.

All of our families and friends– your support means the world! Thank you!

To Mark King and the members of his family, who have been the visions of this event since the inception in 2003.